Tulips hide far beneath mountains of snow

waiting for spring to invite them to grow.

Tucked away in warm bulbs, they say “Ready Set Go”

on the very same day. How do they know? – anonymous

And so we too must be like the tulip and endure these (hopefully) last few mountains of snow falling on us from the heavens, snowflake by snowflake. In this season’s Burning Bush, we bring to you inspiring personal stories, church family photos, an individual’s journey into Presbyterianism, Presbyterianism in Nicaragua and of course, the year 2016’s drawing to a close.

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Have a look at our minister’s monthly newsletter, and join us as you are able through this festive season of Advent, Christmas and Epiphany!
(It is set up as a trip-fold paper brochure, so you must scroll through perhaps for it to make some sense!)

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The autumn edition of our congregational newsletter, hot off the press. Thanks to our editor, these pages provide a great introduction to some of the people and opportunities of the community known as St. Andrew’s Kingston. We would welcome you to join in the fun, fellowship and faith.

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