Ladislav Zaborsky

We begin this week considering the presence of the Risen Lord. We will hear again how a stranger joined two of Jesus’ disciples, as they walked away from Jerusalem towards Emmaus with all their hopes crushed at the cross. Our focus will be upon the meal they shared at the end of the day – and how they recognized the stranger as Jesus, raised from the dead … as he broke bread.

I love the way this painting brings that moment of presence and recognition alive. Ladislav Zaborsky was a Slovak painter (1921-2016). He was a high school teacher who, because of his religious activities, was imprisoned from 1953 to 1957, including five months in solitary confinement, during which he wrote thirty poems articulating conversations with God. Unable to return to teaching, he took up a career as book illustrator, painter and church artist. In this painting, I am drawn to contemplate a moment in time that points beyond to eternity, symbolized by the ethereal light of which Jesus, and the bread he breaks, is a part.

I look forward to celebrating the Lord’s Supper in the sanctuary. I look forward to concluding worship with the words of John of Damascus (c. 750 A.D.), celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus as THE ‘Passover of gladness’. And I look forward to meals-to-come beyond the sanctuary, when we will acknowledge our hunger, and come to know Jesus with us in those with whom we share the table.

We warmly invite you to join us. There is nursery for infants and a programme for young children during the service. There is free parking on the streets about (time of day restrictions are not in effect on the weekend) and in the city lots just behind the church off Queen Street. Have look at the Order of Service, and please consider each of the announcements within as a personal invitation to grow in Christian faith, community and service.

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