A Few Historical Notes

  • Though unsubstantiated, tradition tells us that land was given to establish a Presbyterian Church on 6 July 1804
  • Gatherings of Presbyterians began to plan for St. Andrew’s Church by 1817
  • The original building was in process in 1820 and The Reverend John Barclay (first minister) came from Scotland to be the first minister in 1822
  • The Reverend Barclay died in 1826 and a memorial is located in McBurney Park
  • The Reverend John Machar’s (second minister) ministry was long and significant in the history of St. Andrew’s (1827 – 1862) including serving as Principal of Queen’s from 1846 to 1853
  • The congregation and leadership of St. Andrew’s played important roles in the establishment of Queen’s University in the 1840’s
  • The handsome manse was designed by George Browne, constructed in 1841, and is considered ‘one of the finest houses in Kingston’
  • The Reverend Inglis (third minister) served at St. Andrew’s from 1863 to 1871
  • Confederation, the striking of the ‘last spike’ in the CPR’s trans-continental railways, and other factors reflected a mood of unification in Canada: The Presbyterian Church in Canada was established in this period, in 1875
  • The Reverend Thomas Smith (fourth minister) was inducted in 1874 and served until 1883
  • The Reverend Mackie became the fifth minister in 1885 and served less than three years but later returned until his retirement in 1911
  • Failing heating system in 1887 led to a fire in the spring of 1888 and the destruction of the sanctuary – plans were made for a new sanctuary and it was dedicated for worship on 16 February 1890
  • Formal connection between Queen’s and the Presbyterian Church in Canada concluded in 1912
  • In 1925 church union created the United Church in Canada and the congregation of St. Andrew’s, like many Presbyterian Churches, voted to remain part of the Presbyterian Church in Canada
  • The Reverend S. J. Moore Compton (sixth minister) was inducted in 1912 resigning in 1915 to take up a commission as army chaplain
  • The Reverend John W. Stephen (seventh minister) was inducted on 21 November 1916 and continued in ministry at St. Andrew’s until December 1939
  • The congregation chose Dr. J. Forbes Wedderburn as the eighth minister and he was inducted in September 1940 and served until his death in October 1957
  • The Reverend Max Putnam become the ninth minister later in 1957 and served for 19 years until 1976, during which time he served as Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Canada
  • During the time of Max Putnam’s ministry changes were made to the hall adjacent to the sanctuary add ‘Gill Hall’ (lower level), ‘St. Andrew’s Hall’ (mid-level) and Sunday school rooms (third level)
  • The Reverend William Duffy became the tenth minister in 1977 and served until his retirement in 1996
  • The Reverend Lincoln Bryant arrived as Assistant Minister in 1987, becoming Associate in 1990 and Minister on 1 October 1996
  • The Reverend Dr. Andrew Johnston was inducted by the Presbytery of Kingston as the 12th Minister of St. Andrew’s Kingston on Saturday October 19, 2013
  • Through over 199 years,  St. Andrew’s has sought to serve the community of Kingston and minister to the needs of its congregation.

We welcome you to come and be a part of the history of Kingston and the heritage of Christian faith and witness.

A brief article in Kingston Heritage describes some of the new directions of the congregation –Click here to read the article.

You are encouraged to check The Rock and The Sword by Dr. Brian S. Osborne for a much more complete history of St. Andrew’s. The Rock and The Sword was published in 2004 and can be found in most Kingston area libraries.