Les Santons de Charlevoix

Here are a variety of different Advent opportunities for individuals and families, adults and children …

Online Daily Advent Emails 
a) scripture accompanied with works of art and music and wonderful notes of context and interpretation  http://ccca.biola.edu/advent/2020/
from the Centre for Christianity, Culture and the Arts (Biola University)
b) a word for reflection and prayer each day from the Virginia Theological Seminary. Join an international community in prayer to explore the mystery and wonder of Advent! https://adventword.org/en/home/
c) Visual Theological Commentary brings you three readings of scripture and three works of art each day with some words for exploration, https://thevcs.org/Advent2020 from King’s College London

Podcast ‘Understanding Christmas: Strange New World #1
A talk about understanding Christmas by beginning with an understanding
of the Bible, the world’s most influential, misunderstood book – ‘a podcast tailor-made for skeptics, believers, and everybody in between’. Hosted by Matthew Myer Boulton, who’s spent twenty years teaching the Bible and theology to students at Harvard Divinity School and elsewhere. https://www.saltproject.org/podcast-strange-new-world

Celebrating the Light with different Faith Traditions

Advent Resources for Families and Children of All Ages
These resources have been produced by the Rev. Dr. Tori Smit, our Synod Christian Education resource staff. Have a look!
Advent Devotional Booklet –  http://www.cnob.org/?p=1907
Making An Advent Wreath Video – http://www.cnob.org/?p=1923
Living Room Videos 

Each week of Advent, the living room will ‘grow’ into Christmas.
Advent 1 – https://bit.ly/3f84GzS
After opening the link above, click on the candle, and a Bible story will be told. Then you can click on things all around the room. The nativity set will reveal daily devotions making use of scripture and/or the Spark Story Bible with additional prayers and wondering questions. A musical instrument opens up to a  a new song and papers on the floor will reveal the words to lengthier songs for everyone to sing along. The mixing bowl on the table will take you to recipe for the travellers that week, and the cup with pencil crayons offer up a fun craft. And finally the window over the couch takes everyone outside for an adventure together. 

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