From every corner and congregation, Christians will shout this Sunday with particular joy and praise. Jesus was not only born as one of us (Christmas); he has not only died and risen from the dead for us (Easter) – Jesus has ascended to God, returning to the glory from whence he came, opening a way for us to follow by the grace of God. I love how the scene recorded in scripture (Luke 24:50-53, Acts 1:6-11) has been transposed by Woonbo Kim Ki-chang into a scene in Korea, for Koreans.

by Woonbo Kim Ki-chang

The Ascension of Jesus by Woonbo Kim Ki-chang

At the time of the Reformation of the Church in Europe of the 16th century, Jean Calvin declared we have in the Ascension ‘one of the chiefest parts of the Christian faith’ … for all, whether of Galilee, Korea, or Kingston! It will be good to gather on Sunday to receive a presentation by the church school, to sing and pray and praise, to explore the promise of the Ascension for us and celebrate a time of communion with the risen, ascended Lord of Life. If you are in the area, join us!

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