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Are you a student at St. Lawrence, RMC or Queen’s? You are invited to join in a ‘crawl’ of some of Kingston’s historic church buildings and learn a bit about the witness of each. Check out the facebook page ‘kingston church crawl 2019’.

Have a look at this overview of the opportunities summers at St. Andrew’s – you’ll notice that many of the sermons will explore the amazing stained glass windows of the sanctuary – and join as you are able!

p.s. this is a pdf of a print document, so the formatting on your screen may not be ideal

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You are also invited to read an insert that speaks about a programme that we support through our congregational contributions to Presbyterians Sharing – Church doesn’t have to be neat and tidy!

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The General Assembly has made a recommendation for presbyteries to consider, one that plots a way forward for the Presbyterian Church in Canada by offering recommendations concerning human sexuality.

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Formal communication received from the Clerks of Assembly

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Announcement made by The Rev. Andrew Johnston (St. Andrew’s Kingston) during worship June 13

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Announcement made by the Rev. Elaine Wilson, a commissioner to the General Assembly, (Strathcona Park Kingston) during worship June 13

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