Have a look at the minister’s monthly newsletter, and join in Christian worship, study and fellowship as you are able.

The format is for printing, double-sided, so feel free to stick a copy on your fridge door!

While the sanctuary is not available for worship right now, services continue to be available online each Sunday morning by 10:30 a.m., and the Church Office is open Tuesday-Thursday 9 a.m.-noon.

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Jan Pienkowski – Christmas

Have a look at these opportunities to grow in Christian faith, community and service during these days of Advent and Christmas … and join as you are able! (This is a trip-fold print document, double-sided, so you it may need some perseverance to navigate the online version).

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As we look back with thanksgiving for having been brought through another month, we look forward with trust in God, knowing that come what may, we will be held and kept through it all.
You will find below The Days of November. It is meant to be printed double-sided. I pray you will consider each event a personal invitation to join in Christian worship, fellowship and service. 

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Winter is a time of faith,
a time of quiet,
a time for going within.

Winter is a time of expectation and hope.
It is a time of waiting.

Its days are full of promise
and we eagerly look for and welcome
each sign of new life.

p.s. this is a double-sided print document file, so the formatting on your screen may not be ideal.

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