‘Get on board, little children, get on board. There’s room for many a more’ (African American Gospel Song)

Each month, a congregational newsletter is printed that lists the activities and opportunities of this community of faith. Have a look. We warmly invite you to join us as you are able, as we begin a new congregational year in Christian worship, study and service at the heart of this city.

(The format of this newsletter looks a bit strange on this digital screen – just imagine it as a double-sided tri-folded paper document!)

Download (PDF, 320KB)


The family cedar strip canoe on Little Whitefish Lake

Come by canoe (with portage) or car, walking or cycling – if you are in the area, we invite you to join us these Sundays of summer.

Have a look at the list of services, studies and outreach opportunities, and participate as you are able and interested. It would be great to welcome you!

Download (PDF, 970KB)


Have a look at our monthly newsletter. Its format is a bit strange, due to the fact that it is meant to be distributed as a three-fold paper document. But we pray you will consider each announcement a personal invitation.

Notice the Sundays of Advent, Christmas Eve service, Hogmanay, and so much more!

Download (PDF, 560KB)