I am having a hard time keeping my fingernails presentable for meetings and pastoral visits. As spring gives way to summer, I continue to enjoy ‘working’ in the garden. It is a season of great joy but also of some frustration, as I am reminded that weeds flourish as well as anything I plant and tend. And I recall a parable of Jesus, about weeds growing in a field of wheat. The issue was that if the weeds were pulled, the sprouts of wheat would be pulled along with them. When the landowner was asked ‘Do you want us to gather the weeds?’, the answer came ‘No, let both of them grow together until the harvest’ (Matthew 13:24-30).

These words speak to me of life far beyond my small city garden plot. What are we to do about all the evil in this world? As I hear these words today, I believe Jesus is highlighting that there is a danger in focusing too greatly on what is wrong – we have a proven tendency to slip into self-righteousness and battle evil in ways that only increase evil in the world. Perhaps much more faithful to God and respectful of others might be a focus upon persevering to do good in the very face of evil. This is all the stronger an imperative when we acknowledge that we are ourselves  that field in which weeds and wheat are growing together – in his commentary Jean Calvin wrote ‘To my mind, the intention of the parable is simple. So long as the Church is on pilgrimage in this world, the good and sincere will be mixed in it with the bad and the hypocrites. So the children of God must arm themselves with patience and maintain an unbroken constancy of faith among all the offences which can trouble them.’

Have a look at the Order of Service below, and if you are able, join us. Come and consider the good, and be renewed in strength for life.

(There is a nursery for infants during the service. We will be introduced to our St. Andrew’s 2015 summer tour guides, Chloe Grande and Annie Dilworth. And our special appeal for the refugees of Syria continues with over $1500 already received …)

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