As this new year began, I was introduced to this wood engraving entitled ‘Flammarion’ found in an 1888 volume, The Atmosphere: Popular Meteorology. It shows a man passing his head through a gap in the sky. The caption that accompanies the engraving in Flammarion’s book reads: “A missionary of the Middle Ages tells that he had found the point where heaven and earth touch.”

I admit I would love to ‘see’ what lies on ‘the other side’, what lies ahead of this year and even this life. Having said that, I count it a blessing to begin this year of grace with Epiphany Sunday, with the great story of how God sought out and led those ‘outsiders’ to the side of the child of Bethlehem (Matthew 2:1-12). I am reminded of the whole gospel story of how God has not only come to humanity but seeks out and embraces humanity in Christ, and how now in Christ we find ourselves where heaven and earth meet, and we ‘see’ beyond to understand what is true and beautiful, what is enduring and eternal.

Our new Advent-Christmas-Epiphany banners are still before us, and this Sunday I will be focusing upon the characters at the top right of this one banner, folks like you and me, who continue to be drawn to the side of Jesus the Christ.

Join us if you are in the area. You can peruse the Order of Service below. There is a nursery for infants and a programme for children available during the service. Parking is available free in a public surface lot just behind the church off Queen Street, or on neighbouring streets (the time of day restrictions are not enforced on Sundays). You will be warmly welcomed!

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