When it is dark enough …

Wherever you look, it is easy to acknowledge the darkness. Whether you look at the injustices inflicted upon innocents in the midst of wars around the world, or the suffering of many in the midst of our nation of prosperity, or within the recesses of our own hearts, it is certainly dark enough.

But when it is dark enough … you can see the stars.

This morning we remember the star that set the magi out upon their journey, the star that hung over Bethlehem. Now it is Christ who is our star. In the darkness, the light of Christ shines all the more brightly. It is Christ who sets us out upon a journey in the darkness and through the darkness to God’s promised realm of peace and justice.

Join us as we begin this week in the worship of God known in Jesus by the work of the Holy Spirit. Great songs of praise. Holy Communion. A nursery for infants with a certified caregiver and a programme for children is offered by during the service. Have a look at the Order of Service …

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