I have been looking forward to this Sunday since Monday. Our church school director, Laura, made it known that the children of the congregation will be presenting a re-telling of the nativity of our Lord, focusing upon the ‘memos’ of the angels, in the stead of a sermon … and that this would be their gift to the Minister! I was, and am, very moved.


Jesus was a refugee – nativity display along Princess Street Kingston, December 2015.

So rather than the customary time at my desk this week with books and pen and computer, I took up with Ben carpentry tools and paint brushes, and fashioned a new nativity scene for the lawn outside the church. It was exciting to make Christmas ‘real’ in a context of our life today. For long I have celebrated ‘what’ God worked in Jesus -healing for every human heart and hope for every human life. But this week I have been thinking that perhaps the ‘how’ of  God’s nativity might be just as important. Perhaps God came as vulnerable as the infant of a family that had to flee their homeland for their lives … to elicit the dynamic of embrace in us today. Perhaps the joy of Christmas is known, deeply and truly, when we participate in the overflowing love of God … Perhaps Christmas is as much a call as it is a festival of faith.

I shall be pondering this and much more on Sunday, in a pew rather than a pulpit. I invite you to join me. And again …

Christmas Eve : Carols, Readings and Candles, 7:30 p.m. (with nursery for infants)
Jesus Christ, the Apple Tree : Sunday December 27, 10:30 a.m.

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