Ngudradrekai grandmothers want to read their new Bibles to share the Gospel, their language and culture with their children and grandchildren (Photo Credit: BSTWN, July 2017)

This Sunday we will hear from the Rev. Dr. Paul McLean, minister of the Presbyterian Church in Canada working with the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan on translation of the Bible into indigenous languages. It is indeed a wonderful part of the story of ‘God’s Living Active Word’, thanks be to God!

The Canadian Presbyterian Church was formative to the beginnings of the Taiwanese Presbyterian Church in the 19th century (just look up the Rev. George Leslie Mackay!), and from the start there was a real commitment to the peoples of the island, including the peoples. It has been a ministry that has strengthened the spiritual and social lives of the indigenous peoples of Taiwan to this day. As Canadian Presbyterians, we have a lot to learn from our Taiwanese brothers and sisters in Christ.

And after the service, there is a potluck congregational dinner, with Paul showing some slides between courses. Please join us! There is a nursery offered for infants, and a programme for children during the service, if desired. And parking is free on the streets around (note that the time-of-day restrictions posted north of Queen do not apply on Sunday) and in the civic surface lot just off Queen behind the church.

Have a look at the Order of Service below if you wish, and please consider each of the announcements as a personal invitation to join us in Christian worship, community and service.

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