Fresco, Spoleto Cathedral, Italy

It is now a week after Jesus had appeared to the disciples as they were gathered in fear. Even after something as incredible as the Resurrection, they have gone back to ‘normal’, back to their homes, back to their work. Several are fishing. They have laboured all night, and it has been for naught. It all seems to be ‘same old, same old’. A voice is heard from the shore, encouraging them to try the net on the other side. The net is filled. And Peter, exclaiming ‘It is the Lord!’, jumps out of the boat and runs to the Risen Lord on the shore (John 21:1-14).

There is so much in this scene to wonder at and reflect upon. These days I find encouragement in the reminder that Jesus is at work in our ‘normal’, and continues to transform emptiness into fullness. And this Sunday, we will celebrate in particular how Jesus is at work, drawing women and men to his side and life. We welcome Fadi Sharaiha who will provide an update after the service on the growth of the gospel throughout the Middle East through SAT-7

If you are in the area, we warmly welcome you to join us. There is a nursery offered during the service, and a programme for children. Free parking is available in a surface city parking lot just behind the church off Queen Street and on the surrounding streets (the time-of-day restrictions on the streets north of Queen are not in effect on Sunday)

Have a look at the announcements, and join us in Christian worship, fellowship and service!

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