As the new year continues to unfold, we examine a scene foundational to the life of Christ … and Christians.

John has been preaching the need to ‘re-turn’ to God, in faith and in life, a new beginning marked by baptism. Though he is God-with-us, Jesus presents himself for baptism – it is a way to show how he identifies with wandering humanity.

In this composition by Nicholas Poussin from the 1650’s, we see John baptizing Jesus. But the interesting thing is that in his narration of the scene, Luke does not write of the moment of Jesus’ baptism (Luke 3;1-22), saying only ‘Now when Jesus also had been baptized …’ John preached the importance not of baptism itself but of bearing ‘fruits worthy of repentance’ after baptism – is Luke suggesting that our focus should be upon not the baptism but the life of Jesus? Is Jesus’ identification with humanity at his baptism seen most clearly in his embracing, teaching, healing and at the cross? Is my baptism but the beginning of growing into a life dedicated to the glory of God and the good of neighbour? As regimes and societies change, Christians need to be all the clearer about our particular calling as God’s people.

If you are in the area, join us as worship God and grow in Christian faith and life. There is a nursery for infants and a programme for children during the service. After the service you are invited to a congregational lunch – it is pot luck, but there is always lots for everyone. There is parking on the streets around the church, and in the public lot just behind the church along Queen Street. Have a look at the order of service below, and the announcements – you would be welcomed, in Christ!

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