The Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem – Pietro Lorenzetti c. 1320
Basilica of St. Frances of Assisi, Assisi Italy

This is Palm Sunday, and this year it is different. This year we will be found neither gathered with the followers of Jesus, nor with neighbours and family pouring out into the streets of the city on a holy-day weekend. This year we are ‘alone, together’.

But perhaps this year I may understand more deeply than ever before how this Jesus who once rode into that city of old is now the Risen Lord approaching me, challenging me and this whole tired world, to consider a new way of living, with a gracious opportunity to reset our priorities and recover our humanity.

I invite you to join me in the challenge and the joy of worship together this Sunday online.
As is our custom at St. Andrew’s, being the first Sunday of the month, we will celebrate Communion with brothers and sisters in Christ, and your God – you are invited to have bread and grape juice/wine ready.
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If you are interested in a 2012 paper from the Committee of Church Doctrine of the PCC about the online Celebration of the Lord’s Supper, you can download it at

And something special for this special Palm Sunday … Last year Christina M., a member of St. Andrew’s, prepared a series of reflections for Holy Week. Now they can be shared, at a time when perhaps we have more time and inclination to join Christina and other Christians in reflection …

During these weeks when we cannot gather physically, members of the congregation are sharing personal thoughts and prayers as a way of maintaining community and encouraging faith. If you would like to receive a brief reflection from a member of the St. Andrew’s family each morning, just send me an email to be placed on the distribution list – [email protected]

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