Sunday October 16, 2016, marks 175 years to the day that a Royal Charter was granted to the Synod of the Presbyterian Church in connection with the Church of Scotland to begin an institution of higher learning in Upper Canada. An alternate was sought to the publicly funded King’s College of York (Toronto), which demanded all students as well as staff subscribe to the tenets of the Church of England. The Charter granted by Queen Victoria decreed that the new institution, to be known as Queen’s, would be built within three miles of St. Andrew’s Church Kingston, in recognition of the formative role of the congregation and the denomination. First classes were held early in 1842, with a Principal, a professor of classics, and eventually over a dozen students. Though it was open from its beginning to students of all religious backgrounds, it was the Presbyterian community that provided the leadership and financial support to maintain the college through its first eight decades, until the university was handed over to its graduates in 1912 and government funding secured.


This Sunday of Homecoming Weekend we will celebrate the contribution Christian faith (and the Presbyterian Church) has made to our nation – we will remember the St. Andrew’s cross at the centre of the Queen’s crest, and the university’s motto ‘Sapientia et Doctrina Stabilitas’ (Isaiah 33:6). We will celebrate how Queen’s and Christians continue to contribute to the life of our nation, to the glory of God.

Join us if you are in the area. There is free parking on street around (though Clergy Street is closed) and in the public lot just behind the church off Queen Street. An accessible entrance is available along Princess Street at the west end of the church. There is a nursery for infants and children up to and including three, and older children will be greeted with an activity bag and invited to remain in the sanctuary for worship. Have a look at the Order of Service – we look forward to welcoming you!

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