At their monthly meeting last night, the Elders of St. Andrew’s Kingston agreed that it would be appropriate to re-open the sanctuary beginning this coming Sunday.

No member should feel obliged to attend worship in person while the pandemic is still among us – the service will be live-streamed at 10:30 a.m. and available after as a recording on the congregation’s YouTube channel.

But for any who may find it appropriate, the sanctuary will be opened in accordance with all public health guidelines. Only one door will be open (along Clergy Street by the cannon), up to the calculated 15% capacity of 75. The wearing of face masks and physical distancing will be required … and the only singing possible will be by the appointed cantor.

We thank God for bringing us thus far through the work of so many in our community and nation for good, and look forward to the full reunion to come – as we will sing this Sunday, ‘O God of Bethel … Through each perplexing path of life, our wandering footsteps guide’.


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