While online participation will continue to be offered, the sanctuary of St. Andrew’s will be re-opened for morning worship this Sunday February 14. The Elders are thankful to extend a welcome to all for whom this is appropriate.

Great care has been taken to ensure guidelines of public health authorities are followed, and it is imperative that everyone attending worship respect these requirements out of care for others. Please see below a letter that was distributed to the congregation providing full details. In summary, these include …

– two doors only will be open for entrance to the church: along Clergy Street, the door at the top of the stairs by the canon; and along Princess Street, the door at the top of the ramp for those with accessibility challenges
– keeping physical distance from those in front, once in the door you will be asked to sanitize your hands and provide your name (and contact information, if visiting)
– the wearing of face masks at all times in the building is mandatory
– you will be ushered to a seat, filling the front pews first: please proceed to the centre of the pew to allow others to sit near the aisle
– there will be no congregational singing or choir: hymns and scripture passages are included in the bulletin
– you will be asked to leave from the same door in which you entered, beginning from the back pews: please wait for your cue
– we are asked to leave the sanctuary directly to avoid close proximity to others in the narrow aisles at the back or in the foyers, and we will have no opportunity for conversation within the church facilities

For all the limitations and constraints involved, the Elders are thankful that God has brought us thus far, and we are able to offer this opportunity. The few who are able to gather in the sanctuary will be joined by many online, and together we will be one in praise and worship.

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