The Doubt of Thomas by He Qi

Sent to a rural area and hard labour during the Chinese Cultural Revolution, He Qi came across a copy of Raphael’s Madonna and Child, and it changed his life. He went on to become a professor of Christian Art at Nanjing Theological Seminary, moving to the United States in 2004. I love the way the bold colours and simple lines of his work makes the gospel come alive. (Have a look at his website

Here is the scene in which the risen Lord meets the doubting Thomas, with hands outstretched (John 20:24-29). They are hands about to embrace Thomas, and transform him. They are hands that bear the scars of the cross. There is much to consider in this scene, and, strange to say, much to celebrate. He Qi has written ‘We are living in a time where there is much violence. There is little peace. We need to listen to the voice of heaven’ – in this scene, the voice of heaven is speaking through those hands, those scarred hands, of the one who says ‘Peace be with you’.

Join us this Sunday in the worship of God. There is a nursery for infants, and a programme for young children. There is free parking on the streets around the church (the time-of-day restrictions on the streets north of Queen Street are not applicable on Sundays) and in the surface city lot just behind the church off Queen Street.

Have a look at the Order of Service, and the invitations to gather with us for study and service as well as worship!

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And here are the large print words to the hymns we’ll be singing – they are sermons in themselves …

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