P33 Celtic Cross at sunrise

The season of summer can be a time of reflection and renewal.
As each of these weeks begin, I invite you to be opened more fully to the mystery and opportunity of life by considering the experiences and prayers of others before us.

This Sunday I will explore a prayer by Alistair Maclean, a minister of the Church of Scotland and Gaelic scholar, who captured a new way of thinking about and speaking to God in the tradition of the people of the Hebridean islands. The phrases are evocative in their beauty, the assurance is strong in the gospel of God’s care …

Though the dawn breaks cheerless on this isle today,
my spirit walks upon a path of light.
For I know my greatness,
Thou hast built me a throne within thy heart.
I dwell safely within the circle of thy care.
I cannot for a moment fall out of the everlasting arms.
I am on my way to glory.

The Order of Service is attached below. If you are in town, join us!

Download (PDF, 786KB)

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