As the weeks of summer unfold with joy and beauty, the psalms continue to reveal God’s promises and encourage our praise. The Rev. Stephen Kendall focuses our thoughts this morning on Psalm 121 with a sermon entitled ‘Far Away Places’. Join us!

The metrical version of Psalm 121 found in our Book of Praise was written by John Duke of Argyll, who served as the fourth Governor General of our nation. The line etching above shows Crowfoot addressing the Duke of Argyle on September 1881 at Blackfoot Crossing on the Bow river.

Unto the hills around to I lift up my longing eyes:
oh whence for me shall my salvation come, from whence arise?
From God the Lord doth come my certain aid,
from God the Lord who heaven and earth hath made.
He will not suffer that thy foot be moved: safe shalt thou be.
No careless slumber shall his eyelids close, who keepeth thee.
Behold, he sleepeth not, he slumbereth ne’er,
who keepeth Israel in his holy care.

Stephen Kendall is a minister of The Presbyterian Church in Canada, ordained in 1987. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering from Carleton University and a Masters of Divinity from Knox College, University of Toronto. After serving five years as minister of a new congregation in Calgary, Stephen served an urban/sub‐urban congregation (Fallingbrook Presbyterian Church) for seven years in Toronto. In 1998, he was elected Principal Clerk of the General Assembly of The Presbyterian Church in Canada; a position that includes service to the General Assembly, the interpretation of the polity and policies of our church, and these last years, significant representation of the Presbyterian Church in Canada on the Truth and Reconciliation journey as well as with the World Communion of Reformed Churches. Stephen lives in Toronto with his wife Alison. Stephen rides a Vespa scooter around Toronto, plays bass in the band LostPilgrims.

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