In John Irving’s A Prayer for Owen Meany there is a Christmas pageant scene, during which John Wheelwright says ‘What an uninspiring role it is, to be Joseph – that hapless follower, that stand-in, that guy along for the ride.’

One would almost think Rembrandt agreed. While Mary is exhausted but bathed in light, Joseph is exhausted and in the shadows. Except for that hand of an angel upon his shoulder! 

This morning we will consider another dimension of the Christian life, and within the Church of Christ – ‘holiness’. What does it mean to ‘be’ holy? The character of Joseph will help us explore the challenge.

The doors will be open and our service of worship will begin at 10:30 a.m. (Please see the post under ‘Special Events’ in the column to the right for the protocols and shape of the service).

Due to an internet failure, there was no live-streaming of the service, but an audio recording is now available at

Have a look at the Order of Service, music notes and announcements.

Free parking is available Sunday mornings in the surface civic lot off Queen Street behind St. Andrew’s, and on the streets of the neighbourhood – please note that time-of-day restrictions north of Queen are not enforced on Sundays. For accessible entrance to the sanctuary, please use the ramp by the western-most door along Princess Street.

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