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Every month this congregation inserts an invitation into the university’s student-run paper, The Queen’s Journal. I forwarded this week’s copy to the editor, thinking of the incredible stress that students are facing with end-of-term papers due and exams in full swing –  ‘Take a Break! … beautiful music … words of promise … Join us Sunday at St. Andrew’s Church’. And for a graphic I added a variation on the classic ‘Keep Calm’ poster – ‘Keep Calm: God works to bring all things together for good (Romans 8:28)’. I quickly realised however that there was no issue this week … due to exams! But then I thought perhaps the same invitation might be appropriate far beyond the campus.

This Sunday, an hour filled with Advent words of assurance and anticipation, complemented by carols and anthems that open us to beauty and spiritual strength. Even the preacher will sit back and just receive. Have a look at the Order of Service below (and if you scroll through you will find all the scripture lessons printed out also), and join us!

Download (PDF, 200KB)

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