New Beginnings (detail). Christi Belcourt with Isaac Murdoch. 2014

Questions abound when I hear Mary singing ‘My soul magnifies the Lord’ (Luke 1:46).

For example, a dictionary tells me that ‘Magnification is the process of making an object appear much larger or more important than it really is’. So is Mary’s song all about making the Holy One larger or more important than the Holy One really is? Yikes, that raises serious questions about Christian faith.

Thankfully a spouse who knows me well offered me a volume of etymology several Christmases past … ‘magnify‘, borrowed from Old French magnifier, borrowed from Latin magnificare … ‘to esteem greatly, to glorify, to praise’. Wow, that makes more sense.

But for what does Mary ‘magnify’ the Holy One? How is hers a ‘magnifying’ soul?
Many of the first Christians felt their experience described in that of the character of Mary. How might we?

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