Adoration of the Shepherds (fresco) by Giotto di Bondone, 1303

Notice the ‘star’ in this wonderful piece by Giotto? It is not a stationary orb but is shooting across the night sky, full of movement. This morning we will hear again about how the magi (representing the peoples of humanity beyond the Jewish nation) were led to worship God-come-to-us … by a star. But we will also consider how today we are led to the side of Christ by the movements of the Holy Spirit, inviting us to journey further into life and faith.

Last Epiphany, members received a paper star with a word written upon it, and were challenged to remain open to hearing that word through the year ahead and how it was used and what new understandings were given to them about life and faith by that word. One year later, three members of St. Andrew’s will share some of those reflections.

And as is our custom on the first Sunday of each month, we will celebrate the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. You are invited to prepare some bread and a cup for this service.

We may not be able to gather together in the sanctuary, but we will begin this week of grace together in worship! The service will be available online just after 10:20 a.m. at

Recordings of previous services can be found at our Youtube channel 

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Epiphany Prayer

God of grace, thank you for every epiphany that will happen today
for every one who drops a weapon because there are no enemies
for every one who breathes in the scent of cedar and is cleansed
for every one who drops that heavy bundle of resentment
for every one who is guided by generations yet unborn
for every one who is contented at the end of a journey
for every one who falls on their knees before a baby
for every one who senses the webs that connect us
for every one who follows a sign from heaven 
for every one who remembers to give gifts 
for every one who is bowled over by love 
for every one who recognizes the holy 
for every one who dances with joy
for every one who says a prayer
for all with stars in their eyes
For Jesus’ sake
We pray

by Carol Penner of Conrad Grebel University Waterloo ON copyright

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