A portrayal of the experiences of the women at the tomb of Jesus (Matthew 28:1-10) found in the Rabbula Gospels (Syria), 586 A.D.

Easter in July! Why not? Should not every Sunday be Easter Sunday, a celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord, and an acknowledgement of the Risen Lord with us?
We continue this Sunday exploring our Christian faith through the hymns we sing – this Sunday joining generations before us with verses based upon the poetry of John of Damascus  (676-734 A.D.) – ‘The day of resurrection, earth tell it out abroad!’.

We warmly invite you to join us this Sunday morning and begin this week of grace in the worship of God with Video at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzEy41z3sqfRm8X_lLfKGUA
and with Podcast at

Reference will be made to a recently-released work ‘Draw Near’ by Canadian spoken word artist Andrew Russell – it can be viewed here https://www.facebook.com/joinlovemovement/videos/1407841919405336


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