Out of the Depths

These weeks of summer we consider the psalms, the words God has given us to voice to our innermost thoughts and emotions and speak our souls to God.

This morning we turn to Psalm 130, often called De Profundis, because of its first words in the long-used Latin translation … ‘Out of the depths, I cry to you, O Lord’. We will read the psalm together, we will explore it in the sermon, we will hear it sung in poetry from the Scottish psalter.

It is good to be given permission to feel overwhelmed and to cry, especially within the frameworks of faith. It is good also to turn to God, who can lift us out from the depths. Join us for an hour of honesty and of hope.

Our worship will include hymns as varied as ‘Will your anchor hold?’ and ‘He leadeth me’. Join us!

Download (PDF, 74KB)


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