Mephibosheth before David: The Morgan Bible, c.1244

Mephibosheth is not a name that rolls easily off my English-language-shaped tongue. Mainly because, I imagine, it is a name so infrequently heard or spoken. But Mephibosheth is a character critical to our understanding of David as king, and perhaps to our understanding of Christ and our calling as Christians.

I could not find many images of this scene from 2 Samuel 9. And it is interesting that of those images that are available from across the ages, most focus upon the crutches of Mephibosheth as he is brought before King David. But when David asks ‘To whom may I show the kindness of God?’ and then sends for Mephibosheth to be brought to him, I do not believe it is Mephibosheth’s crippled body that is David’s primary focus. David’s intention is not primarily an act of charity but a decision to let go of vengeance and embrace a life that gives life. I invite you explore this theme with me during the sermon this Sunday morning.

Have a look at the Order of Service below, and join us either in the sanctuary or by live-stream at  We welcome Aurora Dokkens back to the organ bench this Sunday morning. We also welcome Margaret Moncrieff who will share, as an introduction to our prayers of intercession, lyrics and music she has composed in response to the recent revealing of so many unmarked graves of indigenous children at former residential schools and the transfer of the Macdonald statue in our city – ‘Where do we go from here?’. Organ preludes will begin around 10:25 a.m. and the service will commence at 10:30 a.m. Previous services can be found on the St. Andrew’s Youtube channel at

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