Christi Belcourt – The Wisdom of the Universe

As the doors are re-opened, some of us will be able to gather in the sanctuary again, and some of us will participate online. All of us will have the opportunity to begin the week in praise and trust of God. Thank God!

Though the provincial Stay at Home Order has been withdrawn, we will continue exploring how to celebrate the sacred in the ordinary, in the world beyond the sanctuary. This morning we will consider the spiritual discipline of walking. 

It is also the Sunday before National Indigenous Peoples Day. As settler Canadians and as Christians we have much to confess and grieve in our relationships with our indigenous neighbours, brothers and sisters. We also have much to learn from them. This morning the sermon will begin with a look at Christi Belcourt’s painting ‘The Wisdom of the Universe’ – the original is found in the Art Gallery of Ontario, and an enlargement is found as a mural on an exterior wall of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Picton ON.

If you are able and wishing to attend in person, please review the protocols detailed in the previous post and in the link found under ‘Special Events’ to the right, ‘Re-Opening the Sanctuary’.

This service will include prayers, our cantor singing hymns classic and contemporary, and some wonderful passages of the Bible. The hour will be live-streamed and available Sunday morning at Organ preludes will begin around 10:20 a.m. and the service will commence at 10:30 a.m. Other services can be found on the St. Andrew’s Youtube channel at

You are invited to have a look at the printed Order of Service below, and the announcements …

Download (PDF, 365KB)

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