This is Father’s Day. And National Indigenous People’s Day. And the Lord’s Day. We invite you to join us and gather in the praise of God.

We may still be constrained in our travels, but these days I have been journeying in mind and heart back to some of the places that I have visited and have shaped my understanding and experience of Christian faith. This Sunday morning I invite you to travel with me to the shores of North Africa, to Cyrene, then onward to Hippo and witness of Augustine (354-430 A.D.)

We will hear Psalm 103 and Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-16. We will sing the metrical psalm ‘O Lord, thou art my God and King’ (the Scottish Psalter of 1650), and hymns ‘O matchless beauty of our God’ (Augustine) and ‘Christ is made the sure foundation’ (7-8th centuries, anonymous’). We will lift up prayers of thanksgiving and of intercession.

We warmly invite you to join us Sunday morning with Video at
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