The great ‘high crosses’ of the Celts, like the St. Martin’s Cross that has stood on the island of Iona for 1200 years, were placed outdoors. No doubt there were several reasons for this. Tomorrow we will explore what may be the foundational reason … how this location articulated an important dimension of their Christian faith, and how it might speak to us of the Christian way today.

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I conclude with a prayer from the Outer Hebrides, in which the sun is known as ‘the eye of God’. As the people see the sun rise and feel the light and warmth it brings, they are reminded of, they feel, the Holy One looking upon them, ‘gently and generously’ …

The eye of the great God,
The eye of the God of glory,
The eye of the King of hosts,
The eye of the King of the living,
Pouring upon us
At each time and season,
Gently and generously.
Glory to thee,
Thou glorious sun,
Glory to thee, thou sun
Face of the God of life.                   Carmina Gadelica III 307


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