The Calling of Peter and Andrew by Duccio di Buoninsegna (c. 1308-11)

Advent and St. Andrew’s Day!

Andrew is the patron saint of Barbados, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and yes, Scotland. Our congregation bears the name of St. Andrew because most of the members who welcomed their first minister in 1822 were raised on the other side of the Atlantic within the Church of Scotland, as opposed to fellow residents who were originally English and members of St. George’s Church (of the Church of England!).
Today, almost 200 years later, a congregation continues to gather on the same corner at the centre of the city of Kingston, beginning each week in the praise of God and with prayers for God’s world. There are few Scottish accents to be heard, and the congregation now gathers folks originally from many nations and Christian traditions (including Brazil, France, Ghana, India, Korean, Netherlands, Taiwan, as well as many parts of Canada.)
Together we continue to bear humbly the name ‘St. Andrew’s Church’, and the cross on which Andrew is said to have been martyred continues to be found at the top of the steeple. It is no longer a reference to a nationality or a denomination, but a reminder of the faithful life of one of our Lord’s first disciples and apostles.
As we light the first candle of Advent, we acknowledge a new church year commencing. And this year, graciously, we begin on St. Andrew’s Day, and we remember not only our beginning but our calling within the context of God’s great work of offering humanity new beginnings in Jesus Christ and God’s kingdom of peace and justice.
Join us! Please peruse not only the Order of Worship below, but also the many invitations to grow in Christian faith, community and service with us.

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