The 21st Battalion cenotaph in City Park Kingston.
Photo by Eric Gagnon posted on Vintage Kingston (Facebook) Nov, 1,.2020.

Eric Gagnon posted this photo with the question, ‘What is he trying to grasp or to reach? With bayonet affixed, he is still at the front line. What might have just happened? Seen from different angles, we can come up with various answers, though I chose this angle for the stark relief against the sky. Where larks still bravely singing fly.

It is essential for us to acknowledge the darkness of these days, but equally to look beyond them. This Sunday we will hear a lament on the bagpipes, we will enter into a silence to remember the lives scarred, broken and lost to war. But we will also hear the gospel that the Holy One is able to work good even out of this world’s evil. And we will pledge ourselves anew to God’s kingdom of peace and justice for all.

The sermon this morning will continue a journey through the Lord’s Prayer. How appropriate that we arrive this morning at a petition that speaks of ‘temptation’ and ‘evil’ … but in the context of a prayer that provides assurance of God’s help, an assurance that gives us the strength to continue to be at work for life as surely as the larks that ‘still bravely singing fly’ over the battlefields.

The Order of Service, music notes and announcements can be found towards the end of this post.

There was a technical challenge with the live-streaming, but the scripture readings and sermon can now be found on our channel  – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzEy41z3sqfRm8X_lLfKGUA 

Free parking is available Sunday mornings in the surface civic lot off Queen Street behind St. Andrew’s, and on the streets of the neighbourhood – please note that time-of-day restrictions north of Queen are not enforced on Sundays. For accessible entrance to the sanctuary, please use the ramp by the western-most door along Princess Street.

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