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What does it mean to be Christian?

We continue to explore the answers … and as God is known as three-in-one, our exploration includes an initial three dimensions. After ‘abba people’, we continue this Sunday with ‘disciples of Jesus’. Join us! It is of course Jesus who teaches us to reach out to God intimately and trustingly as ‘abba’.

But what is a ‘disciple’? The original Greek word means ‘follower’ or ‘learner’. And what does that mean for us? Often being a Christian has been reduced to an imitation of  Jesus’ earthly life or an obedience to particular rules or rituals of the Church, and leaves most mortals with a sense of frustration and even failure rather than fulfillment.
We will take a look at Mark 3:13′ Jesus went up the mountain and called to him those whom he wanted, and they came to him. And he appointed twelve … to be with him, and to be sent out to proclaim’ the gospel in word and deed. Might being ‘disciples’ be more about a dynamic of being called by Jesus and coming to Jesus and being with Jesus and being sent by Jesus? More of a relationship than anything else?

It is a profound question, and, Jean Vanier suggests, pressing …
‘Either we will receive into our hearts the Spirit of Jesus and become, as never before, men and women of prayer, mercy and peace, real followers of Jesus: or else, everything will disappear in chaos. Today is the moment of Jesus’.

Included in the bulletin this Sunday will be a prayer by Brian Louis Pearce …
Living Lord,
you pour out your life for us,
you pour out your life in us,
you pour out your life through us.
Help us to pass it on.



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