The Wild Goose.


In the New Testament, the Holy Spirit is seen as a dove, descending upon Jesus at his baptism – ‘You are my Son, my beloved’ (Mark 1:9-11). Amongst the ancient Celts of Scotland another image for the Holy Spirit seems to be found in their art, that of the Wild Goose.


It is a wonderful image, speaking both to the ways of the Holy Spirit and the dynamics of Christian community. Come and explore the Wild Goose with us this morning!

We will also be celebrating the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. All who ‘love the Lord a little and yearn to love him more’ are invited to join us in this time of assurance.

Here I stand, looking out to sea,
Where a thousand souls have prayed
And a thousand lives were laid on the sand.
Years have passed since they have died
And the Word shall last,
And the Wild Goose shall fly.
Here I stand, looking out to sea,
And I say a prayer,
That the Wild Goose will come to me.   (George McLeod of Iona)

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