What does the Guinness Book of Records list as the best selling copyrighted book of all time? The Guinness Book of Records! As of the 2019 edition, it is now in its 64th year of publication, covering 100 countries and 23 languages.

There is an amazing circularity in this, and it is one that we encounter elsewhere in our lives. We subscribe to media that mirror and reinforce our personal perspectives on social and global events. We reside in buildings or neighbourhoods of similar economic status, and those around us become references for our lifestyles.

This morning at St. Andrew’s we will be challenged out of such circularity and insularity by a reference from another realm altogether, a reading that prompts thought and prods action …

These Sundays of summer we are exploring the gospel through the stained glass windows of the sanctuary of St. Andrew’s … and this morning we arrive at the one in which we hear of Jesus’ encounter with a young man who is asking deep questions about life (Matthew 19:16-22).

We warmly welcome you to join us. Certified child care is offered during the service and there is free parking on the streets around (please note that the time-of-day restrictions on Clergy Street north of Queen are not in effect on Sundays) and in the surface civic lot just behind the church off Queen Street.

Have a look at the Order of Service and bulletin below, and consider each hymn and prayer and announcement a personal invitation to join us in Christian worship, community and service. If you have any questions about forthcoming events and opportunities, please call the church office Tuesday -Thursday, 9 a.m. – noon, 613-546-6316, or email [email protected]

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This series will continue next week with a look at the healing by the Beautiful Gate … (Acts 3:1-16)