Across our nation we have paused to celebrate the blessings we know as a nation, and this Sunday we shall gather to lift up our thanksgivings to God. I have selected a ‘living’ Canadian flag to focus my thanksgivings and prayers, acknowledging that the strength of our nation, beyond its landscape and resources, depends on its people. I think of that spiritual of old, ‘It’s a me O Lord, standing in the need of prayer’.

We shall also begin a look at some of the particular phrases from the Bible that have found their way into our daily English language – we will explore their original contexts and ask how they might assure or challenge us today with a word from on high.

‘The apple of his eye’. When we use this phrase today, we are referring to someone who is most liked or cherished, to a favourite. How did this idiom arise? Think about when you look closely into the eyes of someone else, and upon the glassy surface, you always see there a globe of reflected light, an ‘apple’. The original Hebrew phrase referred to ‘the little man of the eye’, referring to a man seeing his own reflection in the eye of another.

We will read Deuteronomy 32:9-14 and inquire … if we were to look in to the eyes of God, what would we see there?

The bible takes the idiom even further. Proverbs 7:1-3 speaks about ‘the apple of our eye’. If others were to look in to our eyes, what would others see there? It is a hard but good question, for us as Christians and as Canadians.

Join us in the worship of God. Princess Street is now open, and there remains free parking available along Clergy Street as well as in the public lot off Queen Street just behind the Church. Our certified child care giver, Ashley, is available to welcome infants and children three years and younger.

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