What a surprise. Our tour of the sanctuary this Reformation Sunday leads us this morning to … the pulpit!

The Word of God, not only read in Holy Scriptures but particularly as communicated by the Holy Spirit, as heard in the sermon preached from the pulpit, has been a foundational element of Reformed worship to this time and place.

In his Geneva Catechism of 1565, Jean Calvin would write God has left us his holy word; for spiritual doctrine is a kind of door by which we enter his heavenly kingdom (Q300). When the question is raised Where are we to seek for this word?, the answer is not only In the Holy Scriptures, in which it is contained (Q301), but also Every one ought to exercise himself in the daily reading of it, and all should be especially careful to attend the sermons when the doctrine of salvation is expounded in the assembly of the faithful (Q304). The Reformed understanding insists upon allowing the work of the Holy Spirit through informed interpretation and application, and the discernment of the corporate experience …

This dynamic of the Word of God gathering, shaping and sending a people is seen in the prominence of the pulpit in a sanctuary of St. Andrew’s.

Have a look at the order of service, and join us in the worship of God. There is a nursery for infants during the service, and a programme for children also. If you are new to the area, there is ample free parking on the streets around, and in the surface public parking lot off Queen Street just behind the church. A warm welcome awaits you, in the name of Jesus Christ, the Living Word.

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