I was walking Mungo (our Cairn Terrier) last night, and crossed paths with several other dog walkers. I met each with a greeting, but only one replied – in fact only one heard my words, as the others were listening to music or podcast with earbuds firmly in place. It made me think …

As we begin our journey to Easter anew, the first century sermon known in the New Testament as Hebrews will be before us at St. Andrew’s Kingston. It is filled to overflowing with assurance for Christians dealing with struggle, exhaustion and doubt. The assurance begins with the declaration that ‘God speaks’. God has taken the initiative to be in communication with humanity, to speak words of life and mark the ways of life. It is a divine initiative of love taken first through prophets, priests and kings, and now directly and fully through a Son, Jesus the Christ.

God speaks words of life. But are we listening?

With music and news and digital images and messages streaming constantly into our lives, I have a renewed appreciation for the traditional emphasis of Lent being a season of quiet reflection, of carving out the silence and space that God can fill.

Join us in the worship of God if you find yourself in the area this Sunday. Ample free parking is available along the streets and in the public lot just behind the church off Queen Street. A nursery is available for infants and a programme for children. Have a look at the Order of Service, and the invitations that follow. In particular, note the Tuesday evening lenten DVD series ‘Gospel in the City’, and the daily lenten devotional available at https://www.presbyteriancollege.ca/2017/01/lent-devotional-2/

Download (PDF, 352KB)


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