Sunday April 12, 10:30 a.m.

Running north of Iqaluit is the famous ‘Road to Nowhere’. Whether or not we have had the privilege of visiting Nunavut and its people, we have all had the experience of walking this road. Two friends of Jesus are walking it as we meet them in Luke 24. They had given up everything to follow Jesus, and all their hopes they had seen crucified. They are overwhelmed by confusion, frustration, and perhaps even anger, as all their hopes were now dead and buried. They are walking home, back to where they had come from, back to normalcy, and as Bruce Cockburn sings, ‘the trouble with normal is, it always gets worse’.

Christ and Disciples George Rouault (1936-1939) National Gallery of Canada

Christ and Disciples
George Rouault (1936-1939)
National Gallery of Canada

It is a wonderful gospel scene, the Risen Lord coming to walk with those two disciples along that road. He came not to palace or market or temple, but to his friends. And as he spoke and broke bread with them, he renewed their lives. Any road, even the roads to nowhere, are now roads on which we are accompanied, and transformed.

Whatever road you may be walking just now, may it bring you to join us in the breaking of bread with the Risen Lord this morning!

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