These Sundays of summer we are exploring the gospel through the stained glass windows of the sanctuary of St. Andrew’s.

This particular window was designed and executed by Castle and Sons of Montréal. The scene is an almost exact replica of a drawing by the Renaissance painter Raphael, used later as the model for a tapestry hung in the Sistine Chapel, Rome. But of course its ‘provenance’ goes back much further, to the first century as the disciples-now- apostles witness to the power of the Risen Lord … the healing of the man lame since birth by the Beautiful Gate near the Jerusalem Temple (Acts 3:1-10).

There is much to enjoy in the window, and much more to consider in this scene of the early Church. How it might this scene inform our witness to Jesus Christ today? The window was presented in memory of one of the original six elders of St. Andrew’s Kingston, John Mowat, and his wife Helen. Their lives, and those of their family (including their son Oliver Mowat, who went on to become the longest-serving premier of the province of Ontario), could possibly provide clues!

We warmly welcome you to join us. Certified child care is offered during the service and there is free parking on the streets around (please note that the time-of-day restrictions on Clergy Street north of Queen are not in effect on Sundays) and in the surface civic lot just behind the church off Queen Street.

Download the Order of Service and have a look – we invite you to consider each hymn and prayer and announcement a personal invitation to join us in Christian worship, community and service. If you have any questions about forthcoming events and opportunities, please call the church office Tuesday -Thursday, 9 a.m. – noon, 613-546-6316, or email

Next Sunday, the window illustrating the Parable of the Sower, Luke 8:4-15

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