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I know ‘laughter’ and ‘Presbyterians’ are not words that are often paired together. But perhaps all the more reason to consider that humour might be a spiritual exercise of which we have been particularly negligent … Curious? Teasers: a) there is quite a bit of humour in Scripture, and b) might being able to laugh at ourselves, acknowledging our foibles and failings, not open a space that would allow God to be God?

This is also ‘Presbyterians Sharing Sunday’.

‘Presbyterian’ takes its origin from the Greek word ‘presbyturos’, often translated ‘elder’ – Presbyterian describes not a theology as much as a governance, a church that is governed by ‘elders’. Each congregation is governed by elders, elected by the people – including the minister, the ‘teaching elder’. But it is also a governance by which individual congregations bind themselves together into regional presbyteries and a national assembly, with each greater body having authority over the individual members, acting like a corporate ‘bishop’. We believe we are stronger together than we can be apart, with different perspectives shared and greater resources pooled. Within this, in the Canadian context, this includes a financial commitment to extend our witness … through Presbyterians Sharing, congregations from coast to coast support three theological colleges; ministries on university campuses, with indigenous communities, in rural areas as well as new church developments; partnerships with churches around the world, and much more. Rebecca Wystma will share some of her experience at Canada Youth 2018, supported by Presbyterians Sharing.

If you are in the area, we hope you can join us. A nursery and programme for children are offered during the service. Parking is found free on the streets about, including a civic surface lot just behind the church off Queen Street (and note that the time-of-day restrictions on the streets north of Queen are not in effect on Sundays.) We would welcome the opportunity to introduce ourselves. Have a look at the Order of Service, the readings and the announcements.

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