Remembrance Day this year is special. Not only does it mark the 100th anniversary of the formal conclusion of World War One, but it falls on a Sunday.

Whatever the weather, the social ‘climate’ on November 11th is always sombre. I appreciate how Remembrance Day is experienced in Canada. We have refused to allow this time be used to glorify war. We still our lives to remember the many lives lost and maimed, in body and in spirit.

And as Christians? We enter into the pain and suffering and tragedy, of our families and of humanity. We hear how our God weeps, and how we are to weep, with those who weep. But we also hear that we weep with them, as we enter into the suffering of others, we called to live so they are embraced with peace and justice. As with Christ, so with Christians.

Join us if you are in the area. There is ample free parking on the streets around, and in the civic surface lot just behind the church on Queen Street. A nursery for infants and a programme for children is offered during the service for those interested. Have a look at the Order of Service. And also the announcements – we invite you to consider each a personal invitation to grow in Christian faith, community and service.

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