Life is often referred to as a journey. The life of faith particularly so. Along the way, I am finding our exploration of the Letter to the Hebrews helpful. And certain thoughts became clearer as I came upon this work by Mark Rothko, ‘No. 8’.

The people of God have been freed from slavery. They have been freed for new life in a new land. But between the enslavement and the abundance they wander. As recorded in the passages of this Sunday morning, the wandering is difficult. And at every turn they complain to Moses and to God. They long for the security of place and position, even if of slavery, over the fragilities of freedom.

The people of God have spoken of their experience as ‘wandering in the wilderness’, as if it was a time of emptiness, a location and season of being lost. But might this not have been the fullest time of all, when there was nothing ‘but’ the presence, provision and promises of God?

They found it impossible to move beyond the human experience of ‘wandering’ to acknowledge the certainty of divine ‘accompanying’. They were so exhausted physically and spiritually that they held out for one particular definition of ‘rest’ and neglected the offer of the more profound rest at hand.

In Rothko’s painting, the red reminds me of the sands of the human journey, but my eyes are drawn to the light that covers the whole expanse. Like God’s people of old, I think that I too need to move out of a perspective of insecurity and an experience of ‘lack’, into an acknowledgement of the presence, provision and promise of the Holy One over all. That will be the ‘rest’ of my heart’s desire, not of geography or economy but of relationship.

If you are in the area, join us in the worship of God along life’s journey. (But remember that we spring forward an hour!)

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There is a nursery for infants and a programme for children during the service. There is free parking along the neighbouring streets and in the public lot just behind the church off Queen Street. We look forward to welcoming you.



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