To all couples asking to be married at St. Andrew’s

The Context of Faith

All weddings celebrated at St. Andrew’s are conducted in the context of Christian worship. This is a brief statement of what we believe …

Marriage is a gift and calling of God, and is not to be entered lightly or thoughtlessly, but reverently and responsibly in accordance with the Gospel of Christ.
In the grace of God, marriage can be for the companionship of help and comfort in mutual care, so that husband and wife may live faithfully together.
In the grace of God, marriage can be for the fulfilling of human love in mutual honour, so that husband and wife may know each other with delight.
In the grace of God, marriage can be for the nurture of children,
so they may find the security of love, and grow up in the heritage of faith.
In the grace of God, marriage can be for the enrichment of society, so that husband and wife being joined together may enter into the life of the community as a new creation.

You do not have to be a member of St. Andrew’s Church to be married here, but it is required that you are formal members of a church by the time of your wedding – we believe that it is important that Christian marriage be begun and grown within the context of a church home.

Couples are expected to meet with the Minister three times for personal introduction and discussion of the marriage ceremony. They are also asked to participate in some form of marriage preparation – there are various options available locally and this can be discussed with the Minister.

Here is a sample of what a marriage service at St. Andrew’s may look like – simple but sincere …

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How To Proceed?

  1. Call the Church Office and ask to meet with the Minister (613-546-6316).
  2. If you wish to proceed to be married at St. Andrew’s, complete the Registration Form (below) and return to the Church Office with a deposit. Not until these are received can the sanctuary be booked.
  3. Meet with the Minister at least another two times, and arrange Marriage Preparation.
  4. Drop your Marriage License by the Church Office at least one week prior to your wedding.
  5. Witness everything come together at the rehearsal (usually the day before) and then receive the blessing and joy of Christian marriage!

Financial Considerations

When couples come to St. Andrew’s to make arrangements for their wedding they often ask us about the financial considerations. For your information here are the church related costs for your wedding.

Sanctuary – The Board of Managers asks for a suggested donation of $350.00 for the use of the sanctuary for a wedding. This donation has been recommended in recognition of the cost involved in sustaining such a facility, but can certainly be adjusted to meet a couple’s financial framework. Please discuss this with the minister.

Custodian – A caretaker will be provided to handle the preparation and cleaning required for your rehearsal and wedding ceremony: this will normally not involve a sum larger than $80.

Organist – The church Director of Praise, John Hall, should normally be provided with an honorarium of $200.00 for playing for a wedding. Please contact John directly (john hall at canadianpianos dot ca) to discuss the music of your ceremony.

Minister – The Session recommends a minimum honorarium of $200.00 for the minister who meets with the couple three times and conducts the rehearsal and wedding service.

All financial sums are payable to ‘St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Kingston’.

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St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
Effective – January 2015