Blizzard. Jean-Paul Riopelle (1954)

Béatrice and I were able to take in the Jean-Paul Riopelle exhibition at the Musée des Beaux Arts in Montréal last month. Riopelle was one of the great Québecois and Canadian artists of the last century, and one of the few who gained significant international recognition.

What struck me in this exhibition was how it was during his lengthy sojourn in France that he came to truly appreciate the dynamics and dimensions of his homeland and its peoples. Take the canvas above which he painted in Paris – beyond the discomfort, disorientation and even distress often experienced in the blizzards of his homeland, Riopelle now ‘saw’ a beauty and movement in winter and its storms that this work clearly conveys.

This experience of understanding something from a distance, or when we break the routine, is an experience we know spiritually in the Sabbath. This morning our worship will include the first in a series of explorations of the spiritual discipline and delight known as ‘sabbath’.

Have a look at the Order of Service below, and join us either in the sanctuary or by live-stream at Organ preludes will begin around 10:25 a.m. and the service will commence at 10:30 a.m. Previous services can be found on the St. Andrew’s Youtube channel at

Being the first Sunday of the month, we will be celebrating Holy Communion this Sunday morning. Individually wrapped, disposable Communion packages will be available as you enter the sanctuary, but please feel free to bring your own from home. If you are joining us online, perhaps take a moment before the service to prepare some bread and a cup and participate in the sacrament with us.

The Order of Service and announcements can be found below, with the hymns printed out further down the page. 

Download (PDF, 605KB)

Download (PDF, 303KB)


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